TCC D&D: Make Mistakes

Playing the DM part 7

Make mistakes

Don’t make them on purpose, of course, that would ruin the integrity of the game. Talking to D&D players who want to be a DM, but never take the shot, I find their biggest fear is making a mistake. They look at the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the Player’s Handbook, and the Monster Manual and freak out. Those books are hundreds if not over a thousand pages of information. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So go make mistakes.

When I started on this journey as a DM, I had played D&D less than a year and wanted to play with some other friends. No one wanted to step up to lead the campaign, so since it was my idea I did. I spent plenty of time preparing. The adventure was a perfect intro to the game for some and a good way to bond the group. Despite spending hours preparing, writing, and rewriting NPCs and story points, I made mistakes. The one that sticks out the most is the inspiration mechanic. In my first few sessions I kept treating inspiration, which gives a player advantage on a d20 role of their choice, as if it were bardic inspiration. It worked, but when I learned that I was doing it wrong I corrected it and informed the group of the change. 

This probably should have been my first post, and if you jump back to the second I did talk about bending or disregarding certain rules. While this relates, it is different than making mistakes and being willing to do so. The best way to become a good DM is to start and make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, and improve. Some mistakes will be small like the inspiration rule, others may feel more critical. The worst mistake you could make is to not try.

Session summary: 

Last session the Crusaders picked up in the ruins of Nagnalore. The clicking in the trees continued around them. As they took in their surroundings, they noticed a series of very life-like statues. Upon closer examination they broke the closest, which set the petrified victim free. After the victim gained her senses she introduced herself a Lara. The Crusaders learned the Lara was sent to break the news of the Queen’s loves death, and investigate reports that the queen was attempting to desecrate the blood of her father. 

As the Crusaders talked, Bryce heard a “bamf” noise and felt a weight on his shoulder. When he turned his head he noticed a little being with skinny legs arms and a stick like body. The head of the being appeared to be a mask, but it is animated. After many attempts to communicate with it Alex finally realized that he can understand some of his words. After confirming that the Chwinga is a friend, it bestowed a charm of restoration onto Bryce. 

The Crusaders offer to assist Lara and they followed the statues toward the tower at the end of the courtyard. They entered into the tower and were met by Zalkoré, the exiled queen of Omu. Most of her body was covered in a dress and veil of feathers. The Crusaders, mainly Jeska, distracted the queen while Lara snuck behind her. Before Lara could act, Zalkoré revealed that she was transformed into a gorgon.  

This revelation sent Lara into a rage and she attacked the queen, causing the Eblis, crane-like creatures, to swoop to the defense of the queen. After a short battle Alex, in the form of the Avatar of the Green, suffocated the queen almost to death in his grasp. H then released her and allowed Bryce to finish her off! 

With the queen of Omu dead, and the fate of Wandsa in the balance, what is the next step for the Crusaders in their mission to find and destroy the soul monger? Tune in for our next adventure to find out.

-Manderson, the Son of Mander

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