In Remembrance of Anthony Bourdain


He grew up wanting to be a comic book artist. He ended up writing a couple later in his life. 

In between these two points, Anthony Bourdain was a chef who became a writer who evolved into a philosophical traveler. A rockstar in the world of food and travel. An introvert who opened our eyes to cultures we assumed we understood and those we knew nothing about. He traveled around the world, from the tallest buildings in western civilization to the darkest, hidden corners of the globe. He confronted injustice, intolerance and ghosts of the past over a bowl of soup. He discussed a nation’s class warfare in a relaxed manner over slices of cheese and bottles of wine. He would open up and speak freely about his own personal demons over an espresso.

Anthony Bourdain showed us what it means to be a citizen of the world. He showed us the importance of learning about the different cultures in this world and how easily we can all be connected. He defended the importance of being bluntly truthful. He taught us to go on adventures and be a part of a story. He told stories in a way that only he could do, and we hung on to his every word.

While Anthony Bourdain’s end is tragic, it is a lesson to us all. He explored the world and now it is our turn to explore. We must explore mental health and mental illness. We mustn’t hide it, shun it and brush it under the rug. We must bring it out to the light, discuss it, and be there for those who need help. This is how we truly follow in the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain. 

Travel. Eat. Connect. Open your mind to the world... and be sure to order something weird on the menu.

Thank you for everything, Anthony. Rest easy, you rockstar traveler.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.