Young Animal Imprint at DC Shutting Down in August


Young Animal, the comic book imprint organized and headed by former My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, will be closing up shop in August. The statement came from Way himself, and while we are sad to see the titles go, it seems this ending was always in the cards for the eccentric imprint.

Originally advertised as a "pop-up imprint", Way confirmed that the series' were planned to end at a specific point. Shade the Changing Girl, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye, and Mother Panic were all rebooted after 12 issues, with the new titles set to end at issue 6. Doom Patrol has been placed on hiatus, with issue 12 being taken off of DC's release schedule. The imprint also featured two miniseries', Bug! the Forager and Eternity Girl (which will end at issue 6 with the rest of the imprint) and one crossover event called "The Milk Wars".

Way is confident that the Young Animal universe will live on in some fashion, thought beyond the Doom Patrol hiatus, there has been no announcement of another imprint or the characters being used in another series. We look forward to what may come, as Young Animal was a strange, refreshing take comics, and a welcome reprieve from the typical superhero stories.