Disney Reveals Plans For *Some* Fox Properties


During their Third Quarter 2018 conference call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed some of the plans Disney has in store with their newly acquired Fox properties. The acquisition of 20th Century Fox gives Disney the opportunity to expand upon titles like Avatar, Kingsman, Planet Of The Apes, but more importantly, gives Disney’s Marvel division control of X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool.

"The assets we're buying fit perfectly with our plan to substantially grow our portfolio," Iger said. "FX is renowned for great high quality television. Our plan is to provide even more resources to further FX's existing business." Fox already has X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants set for release in 2019. With Deadpool 2 a big hit, X-Force is expected to follow up the Ryan Reynolds blockbuster, unless the merger between Disney and Fox messes with that timetable.

Iger also brought up other networks the company will acquire, which includes National Geographic. "National Geographic is another tremendous brand built on quality, one that has global reach and cross generational appeal," he said. It seems Disney has plans to expand the channel and provide the resources it needs. Iger also brought the production studio Fox Searchlight, staying that "with 20 Oscar nominations last year, along with the Academy Award for Best Picture, our strategy is to continue to allow the studio to do what it does best."

Disney’s acquisition of Fox properties is believed to be complete in by late summer 2019.