About The cru

The Capeless Crusaders started in the Sacramento area in late 2014. Since then, they have become an integral part of the local comic community; reviewing comics, attending conventions, interviewing local creators, and connecting fans with comic news and content. 

David Barrie


Since the dawn of time, we, as humankind, have had doctors. During various generations, some doctors, however disrespectful of grammar, stand heads above the others. One such doctor deems himself a crusader of the capeless kind: The Great Dr. David Barrie. Having cleaved closely to the world of comics, the doctor’s first foray into the realm of funny-books was a Spanish translation of a Spiderman comic by Todd MacFarlane, likely leading to his early and lasting love of Spawn. Though the fallen angel remains his favourite character in comics, his love is fleeting, and often clings to new, incredible fancies, such as his current love of East Of West, and rightfully so. In regard to cinema, Barrie’s favourite fare is quite simply the Avengers; and why not? Try and convince anyone that it’s not one of the best out there. I dare you. And as a Crusader, for what better to be known than as the Encyclopedia Brittanica of knowledge for his entire cast of podmates? Know him. Love him. The Good Doctor Barrie.

Anthony Esteves


Finally.... The public may not be ready, but the illustrious Azorean One awaits no man. The most electrifying man in comic podcast entertainment, Anthony Esteves, absolutely stomps the Earth, showing everyone what it means to be a Capeless Crusader. And don’t be calling him Estevez like that Emilio punk: It’s Esteves, like one single, multiple Stevens. The face of the cast, Esteves charms the pants off of man and woman alike with Stark-like charm, which is apropos as Tony Stark is clearly one of the Azorean One’s primary heroes. The other, and equally as obvious, is the Dark Knight himself, Bruce Wayne. However, the A.O. does relate to all heroes charismatic and benevolent: Even, and especially… Booster Gold. A true cinephile, Esteves loves Nolan’s Batman universe, specifically Batman Begins, as well as shows such as Netflix’s Daredevil and AMC’s the Walking Dead. Check out his reviews of Walking Dead on L.R.M.! Also a now fully budded comic reader, his favourite comic is of course a Batman trade: The Long Halloween. Arguably one of the very best. Admire him. Stand in awe. The Azorean One.

Curtis Fisher


Producer Curtis Fisher comes from a truly unique breed. Cut from the cloth of hard work, dedication, and keeping it real, and hailing from the land of Theonesandtwos, Curtis stands as the backbone of the entire Capeless Crusaders cast. The mastermind behind all of the technology, how to work it, and trading in the entire backend of the cast, Mr. Fisher also takes time to read comics, astoundingly, as an ample personality of the cast as well. While he does maintain a penchant for the Black Panther and the land of Wakanda, his first and lasting love lies truly with the Red Hood. Though not directly related, this may stem from his first experience in the comic realm: The original Batman ‘66 series. In addition to comics in physical format, Mr. Fisher also enjoys a romp through the cinematic comic universe. His absolute favourite? The Marvel classic Blade, as played by Wesley Snipes. An easy and exceptional choice. Respect him. Engage him. Producer Curtis.

Amy Nunag

Within every maw there lies a sweet tooth, and in every sweet tooth the delicious pang of something sensationally tart. Such is the saccharine force with an uncanny, yet clandestine, biting wit of Crusader Amy. The Capeless’ dealer in all things sugared, both in actual lollies as well as the ‘coup de honey’ in business dealings, the silver tongued Valkyrie holds both lofty local posts as a shield maiden of the community, and staff of two of the area’s most renowned comic haunts. Her tidal wave of passionate fervor in maintaining such ample residence in the local comic arena began with a little book called Archie. A classic, she moved to another - ‘the Uncanny X-Men, as paternal guidance allowed, and often when it didn’t! Her interest in the sheer mythology and showmanship of that diverse troupe would inform the natural path which brought her to her place in Crusaderdom: Her seat at the Castle assumed. But her penchant for mythology also manifested in another way. Diana, Wonder Woman herself, became her comic focus. An inspired figure: Like Stark to Esteves, as Titan to Piper: So is it for the Candied Crusader. Sing with her. Dance with her! Eat the sweet treats which she is bound to proffer you!!! The Dulcet Valkyrie.

Thomas Petborisooth

Shuffling down the mean streets of Hollywood; yes, THE Hollywood, comes whispers of one man through the wind in the back alleys, and howling over the stars on the walk of fame…: The Filmic. Tom represents the entirety of the firsthand cinematic knowledge-base of the Crusaders, and people know to walk two paces aside in abiding respect. A resident of Los Angeles, Tom knows and respects a great many talents in the comic movie industry, but his absolute favourites are the Nolan Batman universe; but, unlike Esteves, the Dark Knight holds the highest honour in that realm. In addition, the Arrow show starring Stephen Amell has also captured the attentions of the inimitable Filmic. As far as the written comic word, Facetom enjoys the Batman cycle as some of his castmates; particularly Batman: Hush and the saga of Terry McGinnis: The Batman Beyond. This makes much sense, as his first experience with comics was Batman: the Animated Series, and a Spiderman/Batman crossover, which remains like a splinter in his comic memory. Call him. Mock, if you dare. The Filmic.


Bart Altman

Executive Producer. Business Manager. Sometimes master chef. Do work.